‘All I do is sit here and worry!’


all i do is sit here and worry

An old man spoke those words. His hearing was failing and his eyesight had grown dim.

Had his memory not gone with the passing years, he would have been able to tell many a story of distant days but that too had left him, and all he could do was sit there and worry.

He had looked at me with fear, fear mixed with hopelessness. All the experiences of this life, and the many words of sound advice he had given to others were of no use to him now.

All the knowledge, all the education, even the money that had been set aside, would count for nothing. He was facing his greatest challenge, the point to which we must all come, and he simply was not prepared: all he could do was sit there and worry.

I’ll never forget that man. He meant much to me. I never saw him again but those words stayed with me. I decided there and then that I must have answers to my many questions so that should I ever reach such an old age, no one visiting me would ever hear me say: ‘All I do is sit here and worry!’

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