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The Second Chance

The World Cup Final has gone to penalties. You have put yourself forward to take the first one. You place the ball carefully, mindful that the world is watching, ... more

Life is like an Olympic race!

For some, life is the hundred metres... Tragically over in a flash at a young age... For others, life is a middle distance race... Completed before they ... more

Border Control

To enter the UK you must go through Customs. Anyone found with restricted or illegal goods faces a severe penalty. Diplomats have some immunity and may sail through ... more

The Bridge

Three boys are sitting by a river on a very hot day. They decide to have a jumping contest. The winner will be the one who can jump right across the river. The ... more

The past has been dug up and the evidence shows that the Bible is true

The Bible speaks of a king called David, whom it states lived around 1000 BC. There was no other ancient writing outside the Bible that spoke of such a man. Bi... more

People Say the Bible isn’t true .... And yet more lives are changed by it than any other book

People who were suicidal have found reason to live because of the Bible. People who felt that life had nothing more to offer than sex, drugs and alcohol, have ... more

How long is eternity?

Imagine someone climbing to the top of Mount Everest, all 8,848 metres of it and digging away one metre of its height before climbing down exhausted again. Her... more

‘All I do is sit here and worry!’

  An old man spoke those words. His hearing was failing and his eyesight had grown dim. Had his memory not gone with the passing years, he would have ... more

Face the Challenge!

Are you a good person? Most of us like to think so. But here’s a challenge for you if you say, ‘Yes! I am, generally a good person’. Have you ever told a ... more