The bridge

Three boys are sitting by a river on a very hot day. They decide to have a jumping contest. The winner will be the one who can jump right across the river.

The first two boys jump a similar distance but fail. The third boy doubles the distance of his friends; but is still unable to make it to the far bank.

The last boy was twice as good as the others, yet no one won the contest. They were not good enough to actually get right across the river.

In life the same is true for each one of us. We might be better or worse people than our neigh-bours, but ultimately before God all of us fail. We all fall short of the high standard that God, who is our Maker, demands.

Only Jesus is good enough. He alone can make that jump; not now across the river; but the jump from mankind to God or, we might say, from here to heaven. In offering His life upon the cross He became ‘The Bridge’ for us to cross over from death to life.

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